Health Law

With our solid experience in health law, we are able to assist physicians and owners of medical clinics facing a wide variety of legal issues.

Professional and Disciplinary Law

We regularly assist our clients, physicians and other health professionals, to address any issues arising from the application of the Act respecting health services and social services, the Professional Code, the Physicians’ Code of Ethics as well as other laws and regulations governing their professional activities.

Medical Liability

We are regularly solicited to assist our clients, various health professionals, during investigations led by the Quebec College of Physicians or by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.

We also represent physicians who practice in hospitals. We work with our clients in order to address their medico-legal difficulties which are quite often connected to the granting or renewal of their status and the privileges associated with their practice in a hospital environment.

Contract Review

During the last few years, we have expanded our practice to include assisting our clients in drafting and reviewing contracts that govern the relationships between physicians in private practices and medical clinics. We advise our clients on the medico-legal aspects of these contracts to assure their provisions are not contrary to public order and respect legal and regulatory requirements.

Contract Disputes

We assist our clients in resolving conflict situations in the workplace to assure a prompt return to an effective collaboration and a healthy work environment.

Our presentations

At the request of our clients, we have developed different presentations concerning the legal issues relating to health care and the health profession, as well as on the most recent case law developments in professional and disciplinary law. These presentations were designed to answer common medico-legal questions asked by family physicians, specialists, residents and medical students.

Guest speakers at the following conferences

• July 16, 2018, Surgical Foundations Training Program, MUHC-Montreal General Hospital, Perspectives from a medical lawyer, Bootcamp 2018

• May 12-19, 2018, Academic Conference, Menopause, Women’s Health & Neurology, Cameleo, Mykonos, Greece

• June 3-10, 2017, Academic Conference, Medicolegal Expertise Beyond Borders, Cameleo, Artimino, Italy

• June 1-2, 2017, Urban Trauma, Scientific days, Division of Orthopedic Surgery, CHUM, Montreal

• September 23, 2016, Controversy over the Periodic Medical Examination (PME) and Cancer Screening, Continuing Medical Education, CISSS Laval